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About the Author

Mona is a beloved daughter of the King, her Daddy in heaven! She’s also a daughter, a sister, an aunt, a friend, and most recently, an author. She has an inquisitive mind — frequently asking questions, which led to her career in nutrition and ultimately writing this book. Mona works in scientific affairs translating science into consumer-friendly messages for the nutrition and supplement industry. She speaks professionally and is active in her Toastmaster’s club.  

Mona grew up in North Dakota. She spent much of her childhood at her grandparent’s farm where her love for sunflowers and the outdoors were born. While she visits ND often, she decided to move where the winters weren’t so brutal, and currently resides in Colorado. She finds peace in the mountains, whether she’s hiking, biking, snowboarding or simply lying on a stand-up paddleboard enjoying the sun. When she’s not on top of a mountain, you can find her about 100 feet below sea level, scuba diving. 

She enjoys giving back by volunteering with a 12-step program and in guest services at her church. It is her dream to speak to the masses sharing the experience, strength, and hope she has gained through this journey of breaking free and living loved! 


For any media inquiries or questions about the book, please contact Mona at:

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